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Disab and Cyclovacs

High-powered waste management vehicles to help you on-site combined to provide capabilities for uplift and subsequent transportation for processing.

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An ultra-high powered Vacuum Truck specifically designed for the uplift of dry wastes from large distances and heights. These trucks have set the benchmark in the waste management industry, offering 90%+ vacuum efficiency and up to 200 kW power units.,


A Dutch-built ADR unit is uniquely designed to uplift and transport both Wet & Dry Hazardous Wastes. With an enormous 10T road capacity and a patented 'air displacement' feature, the Cyclovac provides an extremely capable and truly versatile unit.


  • Confined space management and rescue

    Clearwater provides confined space management and rescue, offering safe, cost-effective solutions for confined space requirements especially within difficult and restricted access.

  • Recyclers & Jet Vacs

    Versatile, powerful and mobile - the Clearwater options for pipework, sewer work and tank cleaning are second to none. Available from half-day hire and our range is ADR compliant.

  • Hazardous waste treatment

    Clearwater are leaders for the safe disposal and transport of Hazardous waste.

  • Industrial cleaning

    Clearwater’s versatile and licenced fleet make the servicing of site interceptors an easy, straight forward process.