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Recyclers & Jet Vacs

Versatile, powerful and mobile - the Clearwater options for pipework, sewer work and tank cleaning are second to none. Available from half-day hire and our range is ADR compliant.

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MULLER Recyclers

A reputation for being the most efficient and effective mobile recyclers available. Germany-designed and built, these vehicles provide a dynamic option for sewer, pipe, and culvert cleaning.

A 4-stage capture & filtration process allows the unit to jet wash continuously without the requirement to top up water. Particularly useful on sites with limited access to a water supply.


With both standard and ADR variations available within our fleet, these Swedish-built combination units offer practical, ingenious, and versatile solutions.

Our Jet/Vac units offer a huge 14T payload (on the road), coupled with a powerful jetting pump allow these trucks to handle almost any industrial jetting or vacuuming job.


  • Bespoke equipment hire

    Our teams are experienced in all aspects of an EFW plant including removing ash from gasification / oxidisation chamber or clearing blockages in your ash removal system.

  • Confined space management and rescue

    Clearwater provides confined space management and rescue, offering safe, cost-effective solutions for confined space requirements especially within difficult and restricted access.

  • Hazardous tanker goods

    We operate a modern and versatile tanker fleet including Glass Lined, Stainless, ADR, Liquid Ring barrels, Disab and Jet-vacs

  • Industrial cleaning

    Clearwater’s versatile and licenced fleet make the servicing of site interceptors an easy, straight forward process.