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Investment is at the heart of our business and when it comes to our transport fleet, it ensures that we provide the cleanest and safest equipment to help us maintain quality and safety standards.

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Our logistics team has over 60 years in the waste transport industry and draws on this experience to ensure that we provide the right equipment for all waste management service jobs.

We're a certified waste transportation operation and our fleet and drivers are appropriately qualified to collect, transport and deliver for all our accepted contract jobs.

The fleet at Clearwater is almost entirely custom-designed to handle the various jetting, vacuuming, recycling and transportation operations we undertake. Investment is at the heart of our business and when it comes to our transport fleet, it ensures that we provide the cleanest and safest equipment to help us maintain public, staff and environmental safety as a top priority.

All bookings are efficiently dealt with by our logistics team. Most of the work is pre-planned but we are always ready to react to client requests.

We operate a large and varied fleet, and this gives us the flexibility to work with our customers at short notice. We run a mixed fleet of vehicles that are on manufacturers’ maintenance and repair agreements (on a 6-week cycle), and all our trailers are on a maintenance agreement (on a 6-week cycle).

Clearwater understands compliance and we observe all conditions of our operator’s licence where we have a commitment to the traffic commissioner, and V.O.S.A, to run our vehicles and drivers under the E.U. drivers’ hours guidelines, and W.T.D. All vehicle and driver data is checked for compliance using a web-based tachograph analysis system.

Clearwater operates a modern and versatile tanker fleet having the following equipment within our operation:

  • Glass lined Barrels – ideal for Concentrated Acid handling and transportation
  • Stainless steel barrels – ideal for alkali and some other corrosive chemicals
  • ADR stainless steel barrels – Ideal for Flammable handling and transportation work
  • ADR Stainless steel tipping barrels – ideal for Flammable sludge handling and some other hazardous sludge and its transportation
  • Mild steel tipping barrels – ideal for bulk non to low hazardous sludge handling such as large interceptors, sewage sludge etc
  • Aluminium barrels – ideal for getting the best value for money in non-hazardous liquid transport
  • Stainless steel Jet-Vac – ideal for drain cleaning and septic tank emptying
  • ADR Stainless steel Jet-Vac – ideal for hazardous tank cleans of heavy sludge
  • Disab – ideal for vacuum on solids such as grit, granules and potential bagging options
  • Cyclovac – ideal for heavy sludges, powders, grits and granules
  • Recyclers – ideal for drain cleaning and recycling onsite of water suitable for discharge


  • Chemical tankers

    Our specialist Chemical Tankers have an innovative “Glass Liner” which allows us to safely transport even the harshest of Acid and Alkali.

  • Disab and Cyclovacs

    High-powered waste management vehicles to help you on-site combined to provide capabilities for uplift and subsequent transportation for processing.

  • Recyclers & Jet Vacs

    Versatile, powerful and mobile - the Clearwater options for pipework, sewer work and tank cleaning are second to none. Available from half-day hire and our range is ADR compliant.