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Frequently asked questions

There are enquiries we receive more regularly than others regarding waste management. In the frequently asked questions section, we wanted to address these enquiries for you and satisfy your query.

We do not. Clearwater is a waste management service provider to industry, utilities and environmental agencies. You may be best served by contacting your local council's residential waste team, noting that rules and regulations vary from region to region.

We have offices, depots and satellite units throughout the United Kingdom. Our operatives are able to support you anywhere on the UK mainland, as well as the Isle of Man and Scottish Isles (provided the water crossing service supports our vehicles).

We process many types of waste although you need to have a contract with us to have Clearwater collect and process. We only work with industrial organisations, environmental agencies and government.

If you are unsure as to which category your waste falls under, please contact us to discuss. We may be able to remotely assess and provide guidance for removal. You may already have licencing for your waste output and in this case, it is easier to quickly support your case.

Currently, we don't offer a rigid apprenticeship programme. However, are looking into this as a means of supporting a more structured career path. We have had several successes with junior operatives at Clearwater who have gone on to join our specialist, trained HGV transport team or become team-leading site client services managers. If you're a hard-working individual and are looking to forge a new career, please submit your CV and cover letter. We would be happy to consider your application.

If your organisation requires removal, transport and processing of what you understand to be hazardous waste, we are able to assist. We may need to have your waste certified by our industrial chemist and ensure that the correct licences are in place. Please contact us to discuss.

There are several outcomes for the waste we collect from our contracted jobs across the UK. Where possible, the waste is treated and made safe to help ensure that the environmental hazards are removed or reduced. Some waste is decontaminated and recycled - glass for example - is one of our biggest recycling successes. There are some materials we collect & there is value in combustion and as such it's used to create energy or power. We do what we can to reuse, make safe or store waste in accordance with legislation at all times.