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Energy from waste

Energy from waste processes are designed to turn waste materials into a useable form of energy.

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In recent years there has been a conscious effort to reduce our environmental impact from kerbside waste to industrial waste.

Adoption of energy from waste has seen huge investment and several specialist plants have opened UK wide. At Clearwater we have developed specialist teams and equipment to deliver innovative energy waste management concepts.

Energy from wasteEnergy from waste


  • Facility management

    We supply complete solutions for planned and ad-hoc facility maintenance coordinating all site requirements.

  • Hazardous tanker goods

    We operate a modern and versatile tanker fleet including Glass Lined, Stainless, ADR, Liquid Ring barrels, Disab and Jet-vacs

  • Hazardous waste treatment

    Clearwater are leaders for the safe disposal and transport of Hazardous waste.

  • Industrial cleaning

    Clearwater’s versatile and licenced fleet make the servicing of site interceptors an easy, straight forward process.